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Civilab is one of the most technically advanced civil and mining engineering laboratories in South Africa. The company was established in the late 1960's and has been performing site investigations and testing for the entire spectrum of construction, civil engineering, and mining projects throughout the southern region of Africa, and even further afield.

To be a dependable laboratory operating profitably and with greatest efficiency by continuously improving on our automated services to deliver reliable reports / results timelessly.

To provide reliable, high-quality, excellent service to the civil engineering and related industries.

To be the leading service provider in our field of operations.


1. Gain knowledge about soil condition and how to improve it

Fertile soil is necessary to grow healthy crops. To improve soil fertility, it must first be measured. Soil fertility is determined by the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil. Properties such as soil texture, colour and structure become visible. However, it is impossible to see the chemical composition of the soil.

Here's what to measure and why soil sampling is essential. Soil testing is used to determine the nutrient content and pH of a soil. With this information, it is possible to determine the exact type and amount of fertilizer that needs to be applied to improve soil fertility.

2. This is the first step in soil care fertility:

With an appropriate soil fertility management strategy, farmers can maximize nutrient and water use efficiency and improve agricultural productivity. Soil testing is the first step to proper soil fertility management.

Soil testing provides valuable information and will help you improve the health of your soil.

3. Minimize fertilizer costs

No, you're wasting money on unnecessary fertilizers, when you know the exact type and amount of fertilizer your soil and plants need. In addition, inorganic fertilizers in general and nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium are finite resources. Their prices will increase over the years and as this trend is set to continue, it is wise to adapt now to the inevitable changes.

4. Avoid over-fertilizing
Applying fertilizers without knowing your soil's true nutrient needs can lead to over-fertilization. By testing your soil and getting fertilizer recommendations, you can

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