Soil Testing Services


A full range of testing is offered in Soils, aggregate, concrete, asphalt and geotechnical testing. Field investigations and site labs can be arranged and a full range of services are available.

Services are specially tailored to meet client needs. They include structuring of testing programmes to meet particular design requirements, exploration of suitable building materials, laboratory- and field-testing, and technical supervision on construction sites. Resolving problems in collaboration with the client is an important aspect of the laboratory's activities.

Our Soil Testing Services Include: 

  1. Road Indicator
  2. Foundation Indicator
  3. Moisture Content
  4. Maximum and Minimum Density of cohesionless material
  5. Compactibility Factor
  6. Moisture Density Relationship: Modified AASHTO & Proctor Effort
  7. Complete CBR Test
  8. Complete UCS Test
  9. Indirect Tensile Strength
  10. Wet/Dry Durability Test
  11. Durability Mill Index
  12. Initial Consumption of Lime (pH method)
  13. pH value of soil suspension
  14. Conductivity of saturated soil paste
  15. Content of Chemical Agent: Back Titration

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