Soil Laboratory Testing Services By Civillab

Civilab offers a wide range of agricultural soil testing options for many crops.

Soil analysis is important to optimise production while efficiently managing your resources. Regular soil testing enables the early detection of harmful soil conditions such as acidity and salinity build-up, nutrient imbalances and overloads, and the depletion of organic matter. It is thus a cornerstone of sustainable farming.

Services are specially tailored to meet client needs. They include structuring of testing programmes to meet particular design requirements, exploration of suitable building materials, laboratory- and field-testing, and technical supervision on construction sites. Resolving problems in collaboration with the client is an important aspect of the laboratory's activities.

We have the following Soil Laboratory Testing services:

Road Indicator

Foundation Indicator

Moisture Content

Maximum and Minimum Density of cohesionless material

Compactibility Factor

Moisture Density Relationship: Modified AASHTO & Proctor Effort

Complete CBR Test

Complete UCS Test

Indirect Tensile Strength

Wet/Dry Durability Test

Durability Mill Index

Initial Consumption of Lime (pH method)

pH value of soil suspension

Conductivity of saturated soil paste

Content of Chemical Agent: Back Titration

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