1.01 Discounts:
Trade discounts will be given on individual testing rates only, when the quantity of a particular test performed by the laboratory on samples that were
delivered as a single batch, is as follows:
1 to 6 tests - no discount
7 to 15 tests - 2.5% discount
16 to 30 tests - 5% discount
Exceeds 30 tests or regular contract work - by negotiation
1.02 The rates for laboratory tests do not include
personnel or transport costs which may be incurred in obtaining the samples.
1.03 Civilab reserve the right to alter the rates without
1.04 A minimum charge of R 345 (excluding 15% VAT) will
be imposed on an individual test instruction, irrespective of the rates of testing as per this
schedule. The normal rates of testing will be applicable if the total charge (excluding 15% VAT) exceeds R345
1.05 The rates as per this schedule are only for services
rendered during normal working hours. A surcharge will be imposed on priority testing.
1.06 The listed rates for testing are only for the execution
of tests in accordance with the corresponding scheduled test methods. Special requirements and
the testing in terms of different methods are by negotiation.
1.07 The Civilab standard terms and conditions as
accompanying, will be applicable to all services provided.
1.08 A comprehensive list of laboratory locations and
contact details is available at:
Unit Unit Rate     Unit Rate   
Establishment, Collections and Standing time of personnel: Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
Establishment of personnel (including travelling time) km  R 11.30 R 13.00
Extra over for site visits where no on-site testing is performed/required (e.g. Collections) sum  R 342.00 R 393.30
Personnel standing time on site Personnel rates as in 2
PC1 Compaction Control:
(minimum charge of R 860 per site visit)
a. Compaction Control: Field density by nuclear guage (Troxler) 4 test  R 860.00
b. *Moisture Density Relationship: Mod. AASHTO effort test  R 530.00
*Once-off charge for each material type  R 1 390.00 R 1 598.50
PC2 Dynamic Cone
Penetrometer (DCP) Test: (minimum charge of R 860 per site visit)
a. Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test: per metre or part thereof (maximum test
2 metres): including disposable tip  R 235.00
b. Processing penetration data with CSIR program (Version 5.0) test  R 120.00
 R 355.00 R 408.25
PC3 Concrete Control:
a. Concrete Control: Casting (on-site), curing and testing a set of up to six cubes set  R 862.00 R 991.30
b. Slump Test test  R 120.00 R 138.00
c. Curing and Crushing of a Concrete Cube one cube (note 1.04)  R 57.00 R 65.55
set of 6 cubes  R 342.00 R 393.30
d. Supply of 150mm x 150mm Concrete Cube Mould for customer's own use (excl. Delivery) mould  R 160.00 R 184.00
PC4 Drilling (vertically
orientated) and Testing of Concrete Cores (≤100mm diameter):
a. Setting-up at each position hole  R 340.00
b. Drilling of a 0.2 metre core core  R 482.00
c.Preparation of concrete cylinder/core for testing cylinder  R 305.00
d. Curing and testing of concrete cylinder/core cylinder  R 170.00
 R 1 297.00 R 1 491.55
Minimum Material Required (kg)
PC5 CBR and
a. Complete CBR (including Mod. AASHTO Moisture Density Relationship) 85 test R 1 060.00
b. Road Indicator 15 test R 485.00
The above two tests will produce a TRH14 and COLTO classification, i.e. G5-G10, or None. R 1 545.00 R 1 776.75
 PC6 Foundation
Indicator, Relative Density (S.G.) and Natural Moisture Content:
a. Foundation Indicator 5(Clay) - 15(Gravel)   test R 570.00
b. Relative Density (Specific Gravity) 0.5 test R 270.00
c.Moisture content as received by laboratory 0.5 test R 65.00
A Foundation Indicator test will produce a Unified (USC) and HRB (AASHTO) classification.  The addition of the Moisture Content will R 905.00 R 1 040.75
produce the Weston Swell index.
 PC7 Moisture
Density Relationship:
a. Mod. AASHTO effort 40 test R 530.00 R 609.50
b. Proctor effort 20 test R 530.00 R 609.50
Minimum Material Required (kg)
 PC8 Aggregate Tests:  
a. Aggregate Grading 4 test R 280.00 R 322.00
b. Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) 15 test R 495.00 R 569.25
c.10% Fines Aggregate Crushing Test (10% FACT) 40-60 test R 1 115.00 R 1 282.25
d.Flakiness Index 4, or included in PC8(a) test R 400.00 R 460.00
e.Average Least Dimension (ALD) 4, or included in PC8(a) test R 440.00 R 506.00
f.Loose- or Compacted Bulk Density 5 (Sand)/10 (Stone) test R 225.00 R 258.75
g.Apparent Relative Density (ARD) 4 test R 235.00 R 270.25
 PC9 G1 Basecoarse
a.Sieve Analysis to 0.075mm (G1) 5 test R 280.00
b.Atterberg Limits on <0.425mm and <0.075mm material 5, or included in PC9(a) 2 tests R 470.00
c.Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) 20-30 test R 495.00
d.10% Fines Aggregate Crushing Test (10% FACT); Wet & Dry 80-120 2 tests R 2 230.00
e.Falikiness Index (<26.5 >19 & <19 >13.2) 5, or included in PC9(a) 2 tests R 800.00
f.Apparent Relative Density (ARD) 5 test R 235.00
R 4 510.00 R 5 186.50
              ASPHALT AND BITUMINOUS BINDERS             
PC10 Marshall Control
a.Marshall Control Tests: (7.02 and 7.07 on 3 prepared asphalt briquettes        test R 1 376.00 R 1 582.40
plus single 7.05 and ITS on 3 prepared asphalt briquettes)
Minimum Material Required (kg) Unit Rate Unit Rate
PC11 Void Ratio Excl. VAT Incl. VAT
Determination (Bulk- and Relative Density):
a.Bulk density and moisture content of undisturbed sample 1 test R 255.00
b. Relative Density (Specific Gravity) 0.2 test R 270.00
R 525.00 R 603.75
PC12 Complete Triaxial
Compression Test on three specimens including Relative Density (Specific Gravity):
a. Undisturbed: Consolidated Undrained (CU) Undisturbed Block: test R 7 925.00 R 9 113.75
b. Reconstituted: Consolidated Undrained (CU) 0.3m x 0.3m x 0.2m; test R 8 555.00 R 9 838.25
c.Undisturbed: Consolidated Drained (CD) Shelby Tube: 0.4m; test R 9 045.00 R 10 401.75
d. Reconstituted: Consolidated Drained (CD) Disturbed: 5kg (excl. test R 9 675.00 R 11 126.25
e. Undisturbed: Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Moisture Density test R 2 985.00 R 3 432.75
f.Reconstituted: Unconsolidated Undrained (UU) Relationship) test R 3 615.00 R 4 157.25
PC13 Complete Direct
Shear Test on three specimens including Relative Density (Specific Gravity):
a.Undisturbed: Drained (Slow) Test (Refer to Triaxial test) test R 3 620.00 R 4 163.00
b.Reconstituted: Drained (Slow) Test (Refer to Triaxial test) test R 4 250.00 R 4 887.50
(Quick Undrained tests will only be carried out on clay materials deemed suitable by the laboratory)
PC14 Consolidation &
Swell Tests including Relative Density (Specific Gravity) but excluding consolidation time readings:
a. Standard Consolidation Undisturbed Block: 0.2m R 1 785.00 R 2 052.75
b. Double Oedometer (NB! Undisturbed material only) x 0.2m x 0.2m; Shelby test R 3 260.00 R 3 749.00
c.Collapse Potential (NB! Undisturbed material only) Tube: 0.2m; Disturbed: test R 1 360.00 R 1 564.00
d. Swelling Pressure 2kg (excl. Moisture test R 2 205.00 R 2 535.75
Density Relationship)
e. Free Swell test R 1 055.00 R 1 213.25
PC15 USGA analyses
on Golfcourse-, Sportsturf- and Turfgrass materials:
a. Sieve Analysis 1


R 410.00
b. Porosity, Infiltration, Water Retention and Bulk Density 1 test R 1 685.00
c.Relative Density (Specific Gravity) 0.2 test R 270.00
R 2 365.00 R 2 719.75
PC16 Permeability & Dispersivity Tests:
a. Permeability: Falling or Constant head Refer to PC14 test R 800.00 R 920.00
b. Permeability: Constant Head in Triaxial/Hydraulic cell Refer to PC14 test R 1 850.00 R 2 127.50
c.Dispersiveness: Pinhole Test: modified apparatus 0.5 test R 1 090.00 R 1 253.50
d.Dispersiveness: Crumb Test 0.5 test R 210.00 R 241.50
e.Dispersiveness: Double Hydrometer Analysis 1 test R 510.00 R 586.50
f.Dispersiveness: Chemical (SAR and ESP) 1 test On request